DIY: Birch Forest Coat Rack

DIY birch forest coat rack-

Fall is in the air, and I can’t stop daydreaming about birch forests! This simple DIY coat rack is inspired by the lovely birch trees, made from found objects: branches and reclaimed fence wood.

apieceofrainbow36 (2)apieceofrainbow36 (3)

Materials to make the coat rack:

Keyhole hangers or other hangers from this assorted picture hanging kit.

Step 1

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clean and sand the fence wood. Create some tree trunk silhouette with masking tape. A quick sketch on a piece of paper can be helpful. Paint the trees white with acrylic or other paints you have. Paint quickly and leave some texture with your brush marks.

apieceofrainbow36 (8)

apieceofrainbow36 (10)

Then collect some dried branches about 0.5″ to 0.75″ in diameter, cut each piece at the base with a hand saw at a slight angle, so when you place them on the face of the wood, they go diagonally upward. Make some half circle leaves with yellow colored paper, or paint some paper yellow then cut the leaves out. I used 2 shades of yellow here.

Step 2

Arrange the branches and leaves so they look nice on the entire piece, then mark the bottom of each branch with a number, and mark on the back side of the wood where each branch is placed with the corresponding number, also mark the direction that each branch goes up. You can also mark the front side, as long as it gives enough clarity for the next step – drilling.

apieceofrainbow36 (11)

After drill some holes in the diagonal direction as marked with an 1/8″ bit, attach the branches with screws and a little bit of glue at the base. Also attache 2 keyhole hangers or other hangers from this assorted picture hanging kit.

Now add the final touches – these lovely little leaves! Use Mod Podge or glue to glue them onto the wood, then brush more over the surface to protect the paper.

apieceofrainbow36 (1)apieceofrainbow36 (7)

We love our new coat rack! It’s been in constant use ever since we made it!

Love birch trees and aspen forests? Check out this simple Birch Inspired Shadow Box for an easy wall decor -you only need 2 pieces of paper to make this one!

apieceofrainbow33 (9)

Want another coat rack idea? Check out this Reclaimed Water Faucet Coat Rack!

apieceofrainbow14 (15)b

Happy fall days to you and see you soon!


  1. This is too cute! I made a very large one years ago out of a door. We always have so much stuff hanging from it that it’s ridiculous!! But I’m glad it’s getting the use I made it for. I actually just bought 3 more hooks to add to it because we really need the space! I don’t have a space for hanging coats, hats, etc. because I turned that space into a pantry for my larger appliances…lol…but it was well worth it for me.

  2. A friend of mine made a similar motif on her wall! I am obsessed with it, it’s stunning! I love that this is 100% DYI! 🙂 I am soooo not creative in this respect! ha!

  3. The birch coat rack is absolutely fantastic idea! I want one for myself! And it’s so cool how easy it is to do. I like the water faucet one too. It’s sort of steam punky, lol

  4. I love this! You’re so creative, it’s amazing. I just might have to try and make one myself, although it probably won’t be as fantastic as yours 🙂

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