DIY Beautiful Large Wall Art {$5 & 1 hour!}

Every home can use some large wall art, don’t you think? We are in the middle of a remodel, and I am already thinking of all kinds of wall decor and wall art ideas!

Large wall art can make such a big impact in a space, but it can be hard to find unique and beautiful framed wall art prints that are just perfect for your style and budget. This is when DIY Anthropologie style becomes a great option.

Can’t paint? No worries. Can’t print on large scale? No problem. This incredibly easy DIY large wall art takes only $5 (frame included!) and 1-2 hours to make.

I will share with you all the techniques, tips and tricks, as well as the free printable designs, so you can make your own beautiful unique framed paper or canvas wall art for your home and to give as gifts!

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

Materials and tools to make a framed large wall art:

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

DIY framed large wall art video tutorial:

Step 1: Find a large frame.

Ready for my secret? Thrift stores are the best places to get large wall art frames! Look for frames in good condition, you can always paint them with the colors you want.

I was able to find two of them easily at a Salvation Army for $4 each!  I painted the black frame white, which look right at home in our living room.

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Step 2: print and cut flowers and leaves

You can download the free designs at the end. There are a total of 4 pages.

To cut simple shapes like the large flowers, just cut along the outline.

To cut more intricate shapes such as a cluster of berries or leaves, cut a shape surrounding the whole cluster, because the white paper will blend in with the white background. If you are creating this on color poster boards, then you will need to cut away the white around each element.

Step 3: create your large flower wall art print

Time to improvise! Don’t glue anything down yet, just place the elements on the poster board paper and shift them around to create a huge bouquet. Check out the video tutorial above if you want to see it in action.

I find it easier to start with some flowers first,  then some leaves and berries, and finish with the stems and more leaves.

Once everything looks good, start the gluing process. Oh wait! Here’s a tip: take a picture of your bouquet so if for some reason things get shifted ( by your adorable kitty or some mischievous wind ) you can have a reference.

Brush a thin layer of … on the back of each element and glue it to the.. I started again with the main flowers, but you can start anywhere.

When you get to the stems, you can cut the larger stems shorter or narrower to fit your wall art composition.

This step is really easy and fun. It is exciting to see a huge bouquet of flowers taking shape! Once it is finished, let dry for an hour, and put it inside the frame.

If you create your wall art, tag us on instagram at @apieceofrainbow, we would love to see it!

DIY unique wall art ideas and variations

You can use this technique to create canvas wall art. Just get white primed canvas or paint an old canvas white.

You can also use this technique with your own painted flowers. Anyone can paint flowers! Here’s a tutorial on how to paint beautiful watercolor flowers in 15 minutes, no art experience required!

paint watercolor flowers-a piece of rainbow blog

Want more wall art ideas using thrift store frames? Check out how to create hand lettered quotes on wood!

white on wood DIY wood wall art with hand lettered quote

To download the free designs I made for this large wall art with flowers, click button below.  NOTE: Personal use only, no commercial use, enjoy!  🙂

Happy creating! See you next week!


  1. Hi get newsletter but still can’t down load the flower art for $5 love it

  2. I just finished my Wall Art and I love it. I tried to arrange them like yours but it just wasn’t working. I think because my frame was a bit smaller. So I took a deep breath and just started arranging. First the flowers with stems then the filler. Kind of like you would do with a vase of real flowers. I am so happy with it. I did add mod podge over all of it because I got a little heavy with my tacky glue and it showed a bit shiny. The mod podge pretty much covered that up and with the glass in the frame it looks great !! I have a picture of it but I don’t see where I can upload that…or I could just email it to you so you can see how wonderful it turned out. Thank you for this fun project!

      • I love my picture so much I would like to do another one in different colors. Any suggestions on how I can change the colors. I want to hang them side by side. Do you have another one we could do??? Love your projects and website!!

        • hi Carin! photoshop elements can colorize images, i think there must be other apps if you google “colorize images app”. Happy 2024! 🙂

  3. I have been attempting to subscribe to your news letter.  I fill out the form and press the button  which then tells me you will be sending me an email.  I have been looking for over a week there is no email.  I even checked my spam folder but nothing there either.  I really wanted to do one of your projects with my grand daughter  for a mothers Day gift to her mom.  We want to make the collage flower bouquet.  How else can I get the files for this? I really do not want to disappoint her she is 6 years old.  I have all my supplies I just  need1 the download. Please help!!!

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  4. everything is so nice and interesting, but I cannot download anything and do not
    get the tutorial videos, the space is there, but nothing comes up Disappointed.

    • hi Jean! in our weekly newsletter and welcome email, there’s always a red button that takes you to all downloads! sometimes earthlink emails can block our emails. maybe try a different email if that’s the case? we will also just added a youtube video in step 3 so you can see the video tutorial! 🙂

  5. Hi
    With the quote”Love Grows Here” you showed a mason jar filled with water and plant. When I kept plant in mason jar, the bottle got some white deposits after some time. . It looks not nice like yours. How you keep it so clear?

    • hi! the bottles do need some brushing every 6-12 months because of the calcium in water. diluted vinegar (1:4 vinegar to water) works great when you brush them! 🙂

  6. Do you add the poster board to an open frame or do you cover with glass? If left open, should it be covered with a coating of something like modge podge/sealer?

  7. Hi. please email the templates to download for the easy and beautiful diy large wall art for my daughter.

    Thank you!

  8. I tried to have the flowers printed on 110lb cardstock at my local Staples. (My home printer doesn’t print on Cardtock) Unfortunately, they said they would need a “release to print” from the original owner. Is this something you could provide?

  9. DIYs are life. Saving you money and letting you get free-reign if you’re the type who likes to see their own work plastered on the wall. These are lovely ideas. Thank you for providing this valuable resource. It’s really cool.

  10. I have been a subscriber for long time – wanted to down load the 4 pages of flowers to make my bouquet picture but there is not a button to do that page and to do that – just a panel that takes me to subscribe page. Help!

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