5 Minute Bubble Painting Hydrangea Flowers

Make beautiful bubble painting Hydrangea flowers! Fun DIY dish soap paint recipe. Great kids art activity & easy beginner watercolor ideas!

This may just be one of the easiest and most fun watercolor flower painting projects, because you don’t even have to “paint”! Love blowing bubbles? Love to paint Hydrangea flowers? You will love today’s bubble painting hydrangea flowers!

Make beautiful bubble painting Hydrangea flowers! Fun DIY dish soap paint recipe. Great kids art activity & easy beginner watercolor ideas!

When I first stumbled upon an image of bubble paint hydrangeas on Discount School Supplies website, I just knew I HAVE to try it! I had so much fun and made the paintings in 2 ways because I don’t want to stop!

Easy bubble paint recipe

IMPORTANT: use paint and dish soap that are labeled Non Toxic !

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

Easy bubble paint recipe with dish soap

You can buy bubble paint, but it’s very easy to make your own! I tested a few mixes, and the one I am really happy with is 1 part (by volume) non toxic acrylic paint, 1 part non toxic dish soap, and 2-3 parts water depending on how thick the paint is.  I used this cardstock, which held up great!

Step 1: mix bubble paint

how to mix bubble paint for arts and crafts projects

Find a dish to mix the paint. Mine is about 6″x9″, and 2″ deep. Mix the bubble paint. Now let the fun begin!

Take a straw and blow some air into the bubble paint mixture. You will see bubbles forming on the surface.

mix bubble paint and print with paper

When you get a clump of fat bubbles, take a piece of paper and gently press it onto the bubbles. The goal is to let the paper touch the bubbles, but not the mixed paint below.

You can repeat a couple of times to get the desired shapes and colors!

bubble painting is a great activity and art lesson for kids

I used 2 colors here, one dish has rose pink, the other purple.

A shallow dish works well because the bubbles can come up easily, and when we press the paper onto the bubbles, the paper won’t touch the rim of the dish and cause smudging.

Step 2: make bubble painting Hydrangea flowers

make watercolor leaves

Now our Hydrangea flowers are starting to take shape! It’s time to add some details.

make bubble painting Hydrangea flowers

For one of the paintings, I painted some watercolor leaves in various shades of green, cut them out and glued them around the blossoms.

beautiful bubble painting Hydrangea flowers with Fun DIY dish soap paint recipe.

I felt the leaves need to pop a bit more, so I used a pen and added some details, super easy though, just draw some lines! Now the painting looks a lot more finished. 🙂

add stems to bubble painting Hydrangea flowers

In the other bubble painting variation, I first Painted some stems and leaves using watercolor.

 I like using brushes with a nice pointed tip for watercolors, they are great for washes, and for finer details.

bubble paint flower hydrangeas watercolor

Again, use a pen and add some rich details with lines and dots.

watercolor hydrangeas with homemade bubble paint

My favorite art pens! I used #01 here.

Now a little gift / craft project- make your own sets flower greeting cards with these free printable cards!

free-printable-greeting-cards-apieceofrainbow 15

Make your own sets flower greeting cards with free printable cards!

If you love the idea of painting with unconventional and fun techniques, here are a couple of tutorials you will enjoy –

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paint watercolor flowers-a piece of rainbow blog

Paint a Galaxy in 30 minutes!


Hope you enjoyed today’s little project! Happy creating! 🙂


  1. This was a great activity to do with my daughters. We loved it so much we are going to do it again next week. Just be careful not to do it over the carpet. I learned the hard way.

  2. What a beautiful way to create something for my kiddos to share with their families. If I can ask, how much of each paint/dish soap did you use to get this effect? You had said equal parts by volume of paint and dish soap then 2-3 times the amount in water to create the mixture.
    Thank you and God Bless,

    • hi Lori! i haven’t. it’s trickier i think, because paper is more absorbent and won’t go into a washing machine. i would test on scrap fabric first! 🙂

  3. I want to try this and make stationary. If it works out, I am the activity director of a nursing home and will bookmark this for my spring craft at work! My seniors will love it.

  4. I cannot get it to work! I’ve tried extra soap, colors, etc. I get bubbles, just no color on the page. Any suggestions??

    • Hi Michele! Some paints are less pigmented, or may not dissolve as well as others. A good way to test is to mix the soap, water and paint thoroughly, and dip a brush in the mix then paint on a piece of paper. If the colors are vivid , then the bubbles should work. 🙂

  5. Hello! I have tried this fun project, but my bubbles don’t pop. They just stay there and eventually leave big splotches.
    Can you help me? Also, is there a video tutorial for the bubble painting?


  6. The bubble painting looks like so much fun!! As well as the fall tree with water colors♡! Is there a video perhaps, of you showing us how? Did I scroll right by it? I’m excited to try but unfortunately I’m more of a visual type of person and a video would be wonderful????????,, if not that’s okay I will still give it a try w mu songs who love to paint too????????.
    Thank you for your time,
    Kristine Marie

  7. Thank you for sharing! I’m using the bubble art with my Pre-k4 class for Art in the Park( an annual ” Muffins with Mom event”.

  8. What brand dish soap did you use? I used Dawn. No matter what, I could not stir in the shallow dish enough to create big bubbles. I tried shaking in a shaker and pouring it into a dish, which made the big bubbles but they went down right away:( I LOVE this craft and am determined to make it work! Ha:)
    Thanks so much for a completely beautiful and unique DIY! I can’t wait to have a successful batch!

  9. Hi! I am thinking about doing this as a 1 day project in my VBS. How long does it take for the bubbles to dry on the paper? I am planning on painting leaves on white paper before hand and have them cut out the leaves themselves.

  10. I’ve been looking for an art project to do with my daughter’s 1st grade class, this looks perfect! Do you know of the bubble/paint mixtures can be made in advance? Thanks!

  11. I just discovered your page and I am so in love! You have Talent – thank you so much for sharing! There are so many ideas here I’d like to try! This one my kids will definitely adore. Thank you for the inspiration

  12. HI. My colors are not coming out nearly as dark as the ones in the picture are. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I’ve been trying to do this for many times now and I failed, my mistake is that I only put a little bit of dish soap.

  14. hi there,

    I just tried this out, because it looked so good and nice how you did it.
    But it didn’t work out for me ;(.
    I don’t get how to make the bubbles grow big. By me they only stayed small 🙁 and tried it many times.
    I also don’t get how you put it on a paper?
    Could you please help me out wiht this?
    Really want to understand this…
    Thanks in advance!



    • hi jiska, paints are different in consistency, if the bubbles are too small, try equal part paint, soap, and water. when the mixture is thicker, the bubbles can get bigger =)
      just press the paper gently on top of the bubbles and lift off, that should work!

  15. “Unconventional and fun techniques” – well said. And they are rekindling my hopes 🙂 This would also be great to do with kids, though my “eldest” (she’s three) might be tempted to swallow the bubbles rather than blowing them… hem…

  16. Ananda, I hope you are ready for company, because I’m totally coming over! You do the funnest projects – and you even seem to make it do-able for the rest of us! I would never attempt anything like this, but with the tutorial, I just might give it a try. So pretty!

  17. This is SUCH a cute method! I’m not exactly artistically inclined (my students used to make fun of me when I tried to draw stuff on the board back when I was teaching!!), but I love arts and craft. Definitely trying this!

  18. I have done bubble painting with my daughter, but nothing this lovely came of it! Maybe mom needs to do some bubble painting of her own! These are great! 🙂

  19. Okay, so I have to do this IMMEDIATELY! How cute is this?! I can’t wait to try this. I only hope mine come out as beautiful as this <3

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