Beauty of the Rain : Travel Portland – Part 1

apieceofrainbow6-1wJust when you think spring could not get any more beautiful, there comes a little bit of rain. All the soft pedal pinks, forget-me-not blues, and that fresh green which is so spring, becomes more poetic and blissful.  First day of our trip to Portland, we are greeted by a gentle rain.apieceofrainbow6-5wapieceofrainbow6-7wapieceofrainbow6-6wWhen we travel to a new city, we love visiting the local farmer’s markets. We love seeing the natural abundance that is so unique to each place, and how people celebrate that abundance.

apieceofrainbow6-3w apieceofrainbow6-11wapieceofrainbow6-13wapieceofrainbow6-15wapieceofrainbow6-2wThe rain certainly does not dampen the spirit of those who are in love with spring. You just see it in their smiles and their preciously held bouquets.apieceofrainbow6-10wapieceofrainbow6-9wapieceofrainbow6-19w apieceofrainbow6-21wapieceofrainbow6-1cwHappy spring. Hope you are enjoying each day of spring, rain or shine, to the fullest.  =)

Part two of Travel Portland series – Nature Distilled – Portland Japanese Garden




  1. Hi Ananda, I chanced upon this post today and I am so happy I did. Your beautiful clicks were just the pick-me-up I needed in the scorching heat of Doha. Thank you:)

  2. We lived in Olympia, WA for several years and I always loved a weekend trip to Portland! We are now living in Germany but I find so many similarities to the Northwest ( the lilacs are blooming here too!) Lovely photos, lovely post! Glad I stopped by.

  3. Loving your post, farmers markets are wonderful places for inspiration. Thanks for sharing such lovely images of spring at your local farmers market. And thank you for popping in.

  4. Ananda this is such a beautiful post. Such gorgeous photography and documentary that tells a story. It put a smile on my face. Mel x (BYW)

  5. Hi Ananda,
    What beautiful pictures in this post – we can tell that the rain has made everything vibrant with color. Funny, whenever I travel I also always visit markets to get an idea of how the locals live, of local produce etc. Enjoy the rain and see you soon around here 🙂

    • thank you maureen! i LOVE lilacs, and we don’t have them in so ccal either! =( jasmines and gardenias are happy here though! =)

  6. Spring has been very late in coming where I live. Our farmers market opens on May 1st. Your beautiful images make me feel like I have visited for the day.

  7. Hi Ananda – I have just popped over from your comment on my blog – so nice to see a fellow BYW student there! What beautiful photos you have taken of the food and flowers at the market – you have truly captured the mood of spring. I am looking forward to keeping up with your blog – we have a lot of common interests!

  8. Hello Ananda. I’m a fellow California girl and a fellow BYW student right now, so I hopped on the follow train and popped over! Your site and pictures are LOVELY. I’m currently pricing/researching cameras, and working on becoming a better photographer. I’m inspired! Hope to “see” you in class:))

  9. OOOOH!!!!!! We spent 14 years in Portland! You take me home in just a few photos, which by the way, are beautiful! Thank you for bringing some RAIN to my day!!!! 😉

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