Beautiful DIY Fall Wreath in 10 Minutes {So Easy!}

The glorious fall season is here, and we need a beautiful DIY fall wreath on the front door!

Bursting with fall colors, this DIY fall wreath is so quick and easy to make. It is also very long-lasting, which is perfect for fall & Thanksgiving decorations indoors or outdoors.

The idea came to me when I noticed some beautiful fall flowers calling my name outside a Dollar Store! Most of the time I love using fresh flowers and foliage for decorating, but using fresh flowers on a wreath is challenging because it is difficult to provide water for the cut flowers, which means the wreath would be short-lived.

The Dollar Tree faux flowers are great alternatives to fresh flowers here, and they will last all the way through Thanksgiving. Let’s explore some creative variations on how to make this fall wreath easily in less than 15 minutes, for less than $15!

I also used the same Dollar store faux flowers to make this festive outdoor fall & Thanksgiving Decorations planter. See? Dollar store flowers can look quite nice too! 🙂

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add yellow sunflowers (Dollar store flowers) to colorful outdoor fall & Thanksgiving Decorations planter

DIY outdoor fall & Thanksgiving Decorations planter tutorial.

Materials and tools to make a DIY fall wreath:

You don’t need any tools like wires or glue gun to make this DIY fall wreath. All you need are 9 to 12 bouquets of flowers, grasses, and / or fall leaves, which is $1 per bunch at the Dollar Store. I used four kinds, 3 of each kind. ( See Step 1 for the design secret of using a triangle pattern!)

You will also need a 16″ grapevine wreath form, which can be reused again and again. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own grapevine wreath (or any kind of vine, like Honeysuckle, etc ).

Make beautiful wreaths easily from foraged materials using a simple hack! See how to make a Honeysuckle or Grapevine wreath, plus gorgeous variations. - A Piece Of Rainbow

Tutorial: how to make your own grapevine wreath easily!

You can also buy them at a craft store or here on Amazon. And you can reuse them to make seasonal wreaths year round!

Check out the video tutorial below, or skip to step by step written tutorial.

Step 1: add the first 3 bouquets

Arrange the first 3 bouquets in an equilateral triangle pattern on the circular wreath. This sets up the basic underlying structure of the wreath, and it will give the finished DIY fall wreath a natural and balanced look.

Secure each bouquet by tucking the stem into the grapevine wreath.

Step 2: repeat with next groups of bouquets

Now we have the 3 bunches of fall grasses, let’s add flowers. Start with 3 burgundy mum bouquets, followed by 3 yellow daisy bouquets.

At this point, our DIY fall wreath is looking quite nice already. I think that the next one or two elements are totally optional. Since I got carried away by the fall flowers, here we go:

Add 3 faux Hydrangea bunches. Now our wreath is really overflowing with the beauty of fall!

Optional: add a touch of natural elements

Like in the outdoor fall & Thanksgiving Decorations planter DIY  , it is fun to mix faux and natural elements together. Some evergreen foliage can last many days without water.

Feel free to add sprigs of natural elements like branches or berries to your DIY fall wreath, and you can change them up after a week or two to make it more interesting.

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old reclaimed wood fence with magical flying witch DIY Halloween wreath

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Happy creating! See you next week!


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