35 Creative DIY Planter Tutorials ( How To Turn Anything Into A Planter! )

35 beautiful DIY planter ideas with great tutorials! How to make free or low-cost vegetable planters & flower pots easily using simple & up-cycled materials such as pallets, wood, old tires, cans, & more!

Right now, everything I see, looks like a potential DIY planter! Planters and flower pots can add so much beauty and flair to a garden. The good news is, we can create great looking and durable DIY planters from simple materials and up-cycled objects.

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Here’s a variety of DIY planter ideas from pallet planters to plastic DIY flower pots! Let’s start with some designer looking DIY planters you can make for less than $10!

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Easy and beautiful wood DIY planters .

35 beautiful DIY planter ideas with great tutorials! How to make your own DIY planters and flower pots easily using simple materials and up-cycled objects: from designer wood planters, pallet planters to bottle planters, and lots more! - A piece of Rainbow

Generic plastic flower pots are durable and cheap, wood planters are beautiful and expensive. Here is how to have the best of both: beautiful and easy DIY large wood planter box for $10  and simple wood planters to cover old plastic pots!

Build a stunning tropical living wall with pallet! | A Piece Of Rainbow

Another designer looking wood DIY planter: a living wall pallet planter!

How to make outdoor DIY planters from recycled tires.

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There are many ways to use rubber tires to make large planters for outdoors. You can  stack them up,  hang them in a tree, or cut them into  flower shape as a lotus planter.

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Just a little fearless imagination, we have these giant parrots made from tires! ( Images from ponyswings.com, site no longer active ) See video tutorial below!

Make creative DIY flower pots from re-purposed objects.

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Can you believe these DIY flowers pots are all made from things in our closet!

Gardeners always have plenty of used hats, colorful rain boots, shoe organizers, and cute happy purses. Just remember to line the hats and purses with plastic, and add drain holes to all these planters.

DIY planter ideas from our kitchens.

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Our kitchens have a lot of planters in disguise!

Vintage tea tins, colorful colander, misc cookware, and even coconut shells can all become planters!

Up-cycle glass or plastic bottles into DIY planter pots.

Love cats or not, this soda bottle planter is just darling!

16 ingenious ways to reuse plastic bottles to make amazing useful things for our home and garden! You may never look at plastic bottles the same way again | A piece of Rainbow

Many ways to make hanging planters from plastic bottles! ( Bitrebels | Hello NaturalSCJohnson )

16 ingenious ways to reuse plastic bottles to make amazing useful things for our home and garden! You may never look at plastic bottles the same way again | A piece of Rainbow

A wine bottle makes the perfect self watering planter and plastic bottles can work too!

18 creative ideas to reuse glass | apieceofrainbow.com

Make an epic planter out of lots of glass bottles.

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Transform damaged furniture into DIY planter pots

When a cute piece of furniture breaks, it may still have another life: turn them into DIY planters and plant stands!

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Such a wonderland where flowers grow out of chairs, dressers, and drawers.

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Now I am really stepping into a fairy tale: a book planter, and a typewriter planter.

Old garden tools and objects into DIY outdoor planters .

Make a strawberry tower from plastic nursery pots!

DIY Strawberry Tower with reservoir! | A Piece Of Rainbow Blog

A wheel barrel with drain holes drilled through makes a rustic charming large planter for outdoors!

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Planters can be made from rain gutters either hung with cables, or painted and attached to fence, or a painted drain pipe.

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Wood and pallet planters .

Pallet planters can be made in an instant here with weed barrier fabric to help hold the soil.

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If you are lucky enough to have tree stumps or logs, definitely check these DIY planter ideas out!

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Last but not least, concrete is a great material to make DIY planters of all shapes and sizes, for indoors and outdoors, like these geometric ones.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to create some beautiful and bountiful container gardens this year! See you next week!

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