2017 3D Printable Calendar

Some of you have already asked for it, so here it is – our 2017 dodecahedron 3D printable calendar! UPDATE: 2018 version will be here by November 16th! 


It makes sense to have next year’s calendar handy, because lots of things need to be planed a few months ahead, such as … a trip to  Costa Rica! 🙂

This 2017 printable calendar will be a different color palette than last year’s, so we can keep them side by side for a while.

Let’s make one and start dreaming a beautiful 2017!

Materials and tools:

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First download and print out the free template (at the end of article, includes both color and black and white designs!). Cut along the outer lines, score around each pentagon shape. Gently fold along each scoreline.

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This enchanting and rusty "metal" star lantern is made with... paper! Easy tutorial with free printable template to make your own!

The only tricky part is where to glue the tabs first: although I made it last year and wrote about it, I still forgot to do it in the correct order, and had to peel apart some tabs and redo it!


Can you believe this? I should read my own blog more often, right? 🙂

I found it easier to do it in three steps:

1 . Assemble the 2 halves, but leave a couple of the tabs loose,such as the September and October tabs shown below.


2 .  Join the 2 halves together.


3 . Finish with gluing the September and October parts.



It is so easy! They make really fun gifts, especially for those friends who love geometric designs, or something unique!

3d-2017-printable-calendar-apieceofrainbow-13 3d-2017-printable-calendar-apieceofrainbow-12

Download the free template and cutting file:


For more geometric and paper fun, try this origami paper lamp shade from grocery bags.

Make Origami Lampshade | A Piece Of Rainbow

Stay tuned for more pretty 2017 calendars coming in the next few weeks!

Happy creating!


  1. WoW, the years sure do tick on by! Here we are 3/4 thru 2020 already!
    Is this something that will be updated by you or is there a file that I could make the changes to?
    I just stumbled on your website, i love it! Thank you for the terrific free
    templates & tutorials for those gorgeous pop-up flower cards.

  2. So cute! I would have loved this when my kids were growing up. We had a color-coded calendar on our refrigerator for 20 years 🙂

  3. I have tried numerous times to download the 3D calender but to no avail are you able to assist please.
    Rhonda Brown.

  4. Hi Amanda!

    I loved the design of this calendar, but I’m not able to download the pdf. Could you help me out on downloading it please? 🙂


  5. Hi Ananda, love the 3D calendar! But I can’t download it… Could you send to my e-mail, please?
    Thanks, love your blog <3

  6. Hola Amanda, recibi sin inconveniente el calendario 2016, pero el 2017 no puedo descargarlo, Ayudame Por favor, Gracias!

  7. Hi Ananda,

    This is a great idea, would like to gift this to my wife who has a birthday on 26’th. But I am not able to download the pdf template. I have also subscribed for future DIY emails but the link takes me back to the same page.

  8. I have just found your site and joined the mailing list, after seeing these 3D calendars I got inspired but couldnt find where to download them. Hope you can help me.

  9. Hello i can not download the calendar 2017 would it be possible to send me the pdf on my email thank you very much for this wonderful work

      • I accidentally requested the 2016 calendar template, then when I requested the 2017 template, I didn’t receive it (even in spam). I tried a different template for a lantern and received it, but I still can’t get the 2017 calendar to work. Can you please help? PS – LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

  10. Love these calendars!!! They are so perfect for a desktop – take up little space and are so attractive! Will get started on my new one right away – and will make some for family members as well! Thanks again for the new colors and reminder to do this for next year…..

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