15 Stunning Repurposed Wreaths

What do marshmallows, garden hose, old sweaters, and bicycle wheels have in common? They can all be made into gorgeous wreaths!

Wreaths are so festive. Now the holidays are getting closer, I find myself daydreaming about all kinds of wreaths I could make.

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Here are 15 super creative DIY wreaths I want to share with you – I hope you are as inspired by them as I am! ( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

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1. Marshmallow Christmas wreath :

*Some resources in article are affiliate links. Full disclosure here.

this piece of eye candy, literally, made by The Sweet Escape is just delicious in so many ways!

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2. Old Sweater Christmas Wreath

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There are Christmas Sweaters, so why not Christmas Sweater Wreaths? Adorned with little pompoms, this wreath will make you feel so warm and fuzzy on a winter day! Found on This Old House.

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3. Wreath Made of Canning Jar Lids :

Talking about re-purposing, how can I leave out the Queen of Creative Up-cycling, Donna at Funky Junk Interiors? So simple yet so stunning, this wreath transports us to those happy days on a sunny farm with smells of ripe apples.

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4. Colorful Mason Jar Lids Wreath:

totally different and equally gorgeous, and no we are not going to choose between this one by the creative sisters of Made From Pinterest, and Donna’s rusty beauty, we have to have them BOTH.repurposed wreaths 4

5. Bicycle Wheel and plastic Bottle Wreath :

Ingenious is all I can say about this wreath. While you check out Victoria’s amazing DIY at A Subtle Revelry, I am off to collect plastic bottles!

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6. Silver platter Wreath :

If you have a big empty wall to cover, gather some old silver platters! With the help of plenty of hot glue, you will have a giant wreath that’s a show stopper! Visit the tutorial at Recreate Design Company.

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7. Book Pages Wreath :

the super talented Angie at Knick of Time has made so many drool worthy things, this wreath made of old book pages is so full of charm and elegance – drooling again!

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8. Upcycled Magazine Wreath:

What a transformation! This project by Kristi at Addicted2Decorating is simply amazing and so accessible to everyone, just imagine all the possibilities!

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9. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wreath:

I can’t believe it’s toilet paper roll! This brilliant and beautiful wreath would be so fun to make with kids as well, thank you to Kifli es Levendula for inspiring!

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10. Repurposed Sewing Spool Wreath :

a perfect gift for a sewing friend! I love how the mix of sizes and colors work so beautifully together. Found on Daily Fix.


11. Garden Hose Wreath:

If the winter seems a bit long, bring a touch of spring to your door with this happy and lovely wreath  by A Cultivated Nest . And it will only take a few minutes to make!

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12. Grocery Bag Bay Leaf Wreath:

this elegant wreath made from colored grocery paper bags will look great in almost any style of home. I love how Carolyn from Carolyn’s Homework painted these leaves with various shades of greens and browns. Beautiful! repurposed wreaths 9

13. Yarn Ball Wreath :

In this wonderful tutorial by Jill at QVC , the yarn balls were glued together, however if you are having a hard time giving up your pretty yarn, just tie them together, enjoy the wreath for a while, then take it apart and get back to knitting!

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14. CD and Candy Canes Christmas Wreath :

Who would think that a CD and some candy canes would create such an exquisite mandala? Trish at Mom On Timeout has a super inspiring tutorial for you!

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15. Popcorn and Cranberry Wreath :

Since we started with something delicious, we will end with something yummy as well, a playful and festive wreath by Brenda at Cottage4c. If you want to hang this gorgeous wreath outside, but have cute squirrels living next door, think packing peanuts!

Too many temptations! Off to make our wreath now! πŸ™‚

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Happy creating!


  1. On the yarn ball wreath you could also use different size foam balls or make paper balls and wrap just enough yarn to cover the balls good! That way you can enjoy the wreath and yarn at the same time!

  2. Aw I just threw away almost an entire bag of stale marshmallows left over from our last long weekend… I totally would have made that wreath! It’s so fun!!

  3. I remember seeing stuff made out of marshmallows like that as a kid – I’d totally make a wreath out of that if i had enough patience πŸ™‚

  4. OH man, these are all gorgeous! I am a huge fan of the book pages wreath. But I would have to find very old books at a yard sale because I would hate to rip up my own books!

  5. These are really unique and inventive. Based on this post it seems like as long as you can ultimately shape something into a circle you can make a wreath out of it! Being a foodie, I have to say the marshmallow one is my favorite – I would get to eat some as I made it!

  6. Loving the book pages wreath so much! Such a great vintage touch, and could do a holiday story as an added bonus… Thanks for sharing – terrific holiday inspo!

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